Yoga is a philosophy. A pathway to a state of mindful presence. What do you think of when you hear the word Yoga? Stretching? Flexibility? Postures? PRETZEL SHIT? Expensive? Yoga is a discipline, a system of techniques not beliefs, to help guide one’s own self to wellness.

Imagine a way to bring well being on mental, emotional, spiritual and physical levels. Flowing through a series of meditative poses we introduce space into the racing mind.

More than postures, Yoga unifies body and mind. Through meditative movement we create space within the mind. Heal yourself in that new space to find the answers, your answers. 



A consistent yoga practice is a commitment to yourself. Take the time in our unique conceptualized events to disconnect from the busy and noise, to reconnect to the self on a recurring commitment.

show up for yourself

every session features a different vibe and flow.

Unite your wishes, appreciation and love for yourself in this moment with Hood Yoga.

Yoga is a journey of the self through the self to the self.


At Hood Yoga, we work to organize, recognize and price yoga for availability.

our focus is grounded in inclusive efforts to provide exposure to Yoga for people of all colors to act on self-care, for those who feel uncomfortable or not welcome in yoga's current form around.

hood yoga is open to everyone. we do not support exclusion because we experience that shit daily.

The humility of ancient techniques blended with a modern interpretation, Hood Yoga delivers an uplifting, beneficial and challenging experience for body and mind.

incorporating music, we flow to currents and classics IN hip hop, lofi, trap, r&b, trillwave. at hood yoga, you will be safely guided through a uniquely themed powerful flow, breathe easy when the look, feel and sounds assure you are welcome here.