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Current Campaign

HOOD YOGA x Phoenix Union High School District


in preparation for the 2019-2020 school year, we are preparing curriculum, buying materials, mats and music to guide and learn through discussion. We share the tools of yoga in our own way to promote the breaking of cycles in our community starting with recognizing, taking the time and resources to honor the youth and their wellness being the foundation of our tomorrow.

Sponsoring this project will allow us to take the time away from our jobs to attend the high school 2x a week offering HOOD YOGA experience free of charge to the school and families we are here to help.

Amount raised as of May 7, 2019



HOOD YOGA will begin our efforts at Camelback High School and South Mountain High School.


PAST Campaign



a FREE move for our community located outdoors at ThirdSpace, a local bar in our neighborhood. A platform to offer yoga freely to ours and an opportunity for local vendors to sell their goods and services.

Donation based with proceeds currently being donated to American Diabetes Association of AZ.

amount raised as of may 7, 2019



HOOD YOGA supporters in a meditative mountain pose.